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I just needed a place to share my hopes, dreams, thoughts, and other little trinkets.
1 John 4:19

Sad because GPA. Sad GPA means no dream college for Helen.

Sigh, if only I had listened to my parents and my sister. I would’ve had much better grades. 

Oh well, what’s done is done.

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UC and Common App open this Friday.

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College Board line of reasoning

College Board: Pay for this test we made to measure your aptitude for college
College Board: Oh, you want to do well on said test? Pay for materials put out by us to do it
College Board: Pay us to send your test results to colleges. We won't even use paper; it's electronic
College Board: Pay us to take a test that certifies mastery of college level material. Take college level classes to get into college basically. But pay us
College Board: Pay us to send a lengthy, confusing financial aid application to colleges even if you don't get in. Pay us more if your parents are divorced
College Board: Pay us
College Board: We're a non profit organization

Recently revisited memory lane and saw my first youtube hair tutorial I made in freshman year and wow good thing i privated it because that was embarassing

New update

  • Summer classes are not fun
  • I drank too much boba.
  • Thought of college is exciting yet nerve wrecking at the same time.
  • I am pretty much obsessed with Gossip Girl and Chuck and Blair.
  • …so obsessed that I was really sad once I finished the 6 season series
  • But I moved on to Carrie Diaries which is not as good, but will do for now
  • Disneyland, Universal, Seaworld, and SD zoo in 2 weeks!
  • Not sure if I should go on college tours. I’m scared to go on a tour, fall in love with the school, and get rejected. Maybe after college decisions are sent out…
  • In my free time, I take virtual photo tours of UCSD and UCLA. Not a lame way to spend my summer. Not at all.
  • I need to shop.
  • Sometimes I like being alone, and sometimes I crave to have the presence of other people. Strange, huh?
  • ….And then it’s like whatever because I have Netflix and milk tea

'Tis my excitingly mundane life

" Don’t be sad. Ain’t nobody got time to be sad. "